• Bill Kuhn, marketing & co-founder

2020 Wrap-up

2020 was a rollercoaster of successes, setbacks, and massive amounts of learning. We went from a literal idea - a conversation over the phone - to being a finalist in a major entrepreneur competition in our FIRST year!! We, I, didn't anticipate this.

Each win meant we had to learn the next phase. We'd love a larger team, but I also value rewarding people for their labor, so we haven't been able to expand yet which in turns means that we are trying to cover all the bases. Sometimes we're pretty experienced on a topic, like building part of the bike, but others we're starting from scratch; I'm sure you know the feeling. That said, we set ourselves up for success in 2021 because our 2020 wins include:


Obviously COVID disrupted some of our plans for a much faster Alpha prototype with procurement, networking, and pitching for support more difficult than ever. While it has been somewhat frustrating, we've been able to slow-down and focus a little more that I believe is setting us up to make a better product in 2021.

We can't wait for 2021. We have the virtual AIMEXPO January 21-22, 2020 where we'll be presenting at Booth 260V and will be presenting our MIC Gas Tank pitch to judges, media, and attendees. We're anticipating our first crowdfunding campaign along with beta builds and testing, and if all goes well we'll be bringing our first 100 bikes to market. 2020 was intense for so many reasons, but we're hopeful next year brings even more success to bring a more accessible electric motorcycle to you.

Right now this is a startup and passion project. We're not selling bikes yet, nor are we taking on debt, so we're trying to build a motorcycle manufacturing company for the next age of motorcycles in our free time, but I'm thankful for this team and this endeavor.

Stay safe and healthy. Happy New Years to you and yours!

~Bill, Co-Founder

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